Friday, May 14, 2010

Find Your Passion: Omegia Keeys Did!

Today I'd like to welcome my sixth guest on the Virtual Book Tour: Omegia Keeys, the author of Passionate Playmates,, and Can You Keep a Secret? (due out early next year). She started out writing short stories about her siblings as a way to keep herself busy when they all moved out the house, leaving her behind. Being the youngest child of seven, she was lonely when all her siblings took off in their own directions. In high school, her English teacher noticed she always had a book to read when she was finished with her studies. Her teacher also started a book club for African American girls. She encouraged the girls to write their own stories and Omegia did just that. In college, Omegia worked part time at Jo Ann’s Books, owned by her mother. While working there, she had plenty of time to read other great authors as well as continuing to write her poems, short stories, and anything to keep the older customers laughing. People soon realized that Omegia had more potential than just being a great track star, but she had yet to realize it. Omegia finally came out of her shell and began working on her first novel in 2002. When she was half way though it, her computer crashed and she lost all of her work. Discouraged and focusing on being a good mother, she did not return to writing her novel again until 2005. She completed Passionate Playmates and submitted it for publication with a great reception at the end of 2006. The novel was released June of 2007. In 2009 Omegia signed with Passionate Writer Publishing and completed her manuscript for which was submitted and released in October of 2009.

Omegia hails from Indianapolis, IN by way of Michigan City, IN. She has three sons. While still focused as a mother and provider, she takes time out to continue her passion for writing and does not plan on stopping.

Let’s take a look at Passionate Playmates
Erika has it all: the good looks, money, fine men, and a job that she dares not tell her father about. Passionate Playmates is an enticing story of a woman’s power over her sexuality in the adult entertainment industry. Erika is more than a sexy woman who can control men with a mere glance—she is an educated woman on a mission. Determined to take care of her son and start her own business, Erika fights to avoid being caught up in the fast life of drugs, prostitution, and of course the vindictive ways of the other entertainers. Follow Erika aka Ecstasy as she mesmerizes her clients with her bold and explicit moves as a dancer in an exclusive lingerie modeling club. This is a behind the scenes view of a multi-million dollar industry guaranteed to keep you intrigued and wondering, what is your passion?

Phew! Omegia, you certainly picked a sizzling topic to kick start your writing career. What inspired the book and your subsequent works?
When I first came up with Passionate Playmates it was me thinking about what I would have done had I not joined the military to provide for my son. Like my character, I went to college earning my BA in Criminology. However, at the time, I was too young to join the FBI. I looked for jobs but it was always the same thing—lack of experience. Because of this, potential employers didn't really want to pay me all that much. I joined the military instead to gain some experience and provide for my family. I picked up the lingerie modeling concept from a bunch of shops in my area getting shut down. The follow up,, was just the natural progression of my main character.

How did you came up with the title(s)?
I wanted something very seductive without using the words “sex” or “strippers” to catch the reader’s eye. For Passionate Playmates it was kind of a spinoff of Playboy and sounds like it would be an adult website. I checked … it’s not!

Who inspired your characters?
Erika is like my alter ego and the people around her a mix of my friends, family, and people I have come across. They all have a mixture of several people.

Writing about passion and erotica—how does this challenge, inspire, and empower you?
It inspires me because it is very sensual without being porn. It’s getting the person in the mood to be with their mate. It empowers me because, as a woman, deep down inside we all want to be that woman of every man’s desire, or at least the man we have.

Thanks for this interesting interview Omegia. I wish you every success in your future books. For more of Omegia and her work visit Omegia's website and publisher site.

You can purchase Passionate Playmates on Amazon.

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