Sunday, June 25, 2017

Book Review: Majelica’s Voyage to the Land of the Fairies

Book 3 in Majelica’s adventures finds this adorable, green-haired half-fairy/half-human being invited by the Fairy Chiefs to the Land of the Fairies to discover her origins. Majelica had hatched from a sapphire egg and had always been curious about her origins. She longed to discover who she really was, and where she came from. Prince Will and Goldy arrive via the rainbow to accompany her back to the Land of the Fairies. They must traverse the forest to find the portal through to the Land of the Fairies. But can they do it? The forest is filled with all sorts of potential dangers; challenges that might make Majelica become discouraged and give up. Can Majelica overcome her negative thoughts so that her positive thoughts help her find a way through? Will she discover the story of her parents?

Majelica’s Voyage to the Land of the Fairies by Louise Courey Nadeau is Book 3 in Majelica’s adventures. Young readers and their parents who enjoyed books 1 and 2, in which we met Majelica, her guardian Gri, her pet dragon Tris, the warblegrif Odin, Prince Will and his goldaron, Goldy, as well as the Isle of Dreams, will be enchanted by this tale. Once again the author stresses how important it is for young readers to have self-belief, faith, confidence, and many more positive attributes to help them along the path of life. The most exquisite full colour and full page illustrations by Nathan Heinze keep young readers immersed in the story as well as adding visuals that will help even the most reluctant reader to dive into the adventure.

Learning about yourself is also part of the story, as it is with Majelica’s journey in this tale. The back of the book has a lovely question and answer session for young readers to relate their own self discovery to that of the characters in the story. The power of love, the power of self-belief, the power of listening to your own heart and following your dreams are themes that are beautifully explored, and I have no doubt that young readers will be able to relate to all the characters in this third tale. For readers new to the series, the author includes a mini synopsis and cover image for the previous books that will encourage young readers to go back to the beginning of Majelica’s story. An enchanting book to be shared in the classroom and in children’s libraries, a must-read tale filled with beauty and magic that will soon become a great favourite.