Monday, May 10, 2010

Books taking on all comers

Books taking on all comers

Maybe the title of this post/link should be why people still like a good old-fashioned read. It seems that despite the inevitable onward march of technology, people of all ages enjoy a 'real' read. Not everyone wants a digital book; people aren't going to dump their beloved books for something electronic. How many readers love to survey their little kingdom called 'my bookshelves?' From tattered old classics that somehow still haven't found their way to the charity donations box, to recently bought, brand spanking new latest releases, to perhaps even a beloved, dog-eared, and well-thumbed copy of Winnie the Pooh, or any of the great kids' books ... will you throw your collection away?

I love my books. I also have a collection of 'antique' books, with red, green, or brown covers, and lots of curly gold writing on the covers. Old lithographs illustrate these gems of yesteryear. Some of my ancient books are over a hundred years old. It seems amazing they have lasted this long. Recently I repainted the house and reorganized my library. I heaved a great sigh when I decided to get rid of an old set of Encyclopedia Brittanica that had guided me through my final year at school, helped me with my university research, and provided endless hours of delightful sidetracking when I became lost in something other than what I'd originally looked up. Oh, they had to go, I guess, now that I can get lots of information off the Internet. I know they'll find a good home at a school where there is a dearth of real books and absolutely no computers.

I love my 'real' books. I have vowed never to go electronic. However, when I had to wait for someone recently I discovered I'd forgotten my book (my real book). I briefly ... very briefly ... thought that if I had an electronic reader ... Then of course I dismissed the thought and bought a newspaper to pass the time waiting!


Lisa_Gibson said...

There's something about turning the pages and the smell of books that I love. However, there is something to be said for being able to carry 10,000 books in one small e-reader.

Dr. Mohamed said...

I agree with you, Fiona. An electronic reader just WON'T replace the full-spectrum, tactile experience of holding and reading a favorite old book in the summer hammock.