Monday, September 14, 2020

TV Series Review: Queens of Mystery

Do not miss Queens of Mystery! I nearly passed this series over because the title and the cover said nothing startling. However, it is absolutely brilliant. Quiet dry humour and witty understated narration by Juliet Stevenson, plus a cast of familiar faces (everyone is in it!) plus mysteries that will confound your detecting skills make this a must-watch. In a world filled with conflagration and the tearing down of all things familiar, this series takes one back to a quiet moment in the English countryside, with lots of murder to tease the little grey cells. 

I found the main character a bit bland to start with, but she is surrounded by overpoweringly flamboyant characters that milk every scene for what it is worth, so this is understandable. Some of the characters are screamingly funny and this is testimony to their expertise. The style is familiar and, although well-worn, offers the comfort of knowing you are in good hands. Relax and enjoy. 5/5