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Saying Affirmations Daily Works by author Marla J. Albertie



Can you imagine all the things you like, love, and adore in one book? Let’s be honest. We tend to forget how amazing we really are. It is easy to see it in others, but when it comes to seeing ourselves, we tend to have bad vision. This is why I wrote this book! All your favorites are captured at one time with space to write more. How often do we brag about ourselves, take time to think about what makes us happy, or do the things we like? If I had to guess, not as often as you would like. You deserve to brag about yourself, so why not? Not only is this a bragging book, but it is a book of ideas you can use to start your next project, business, career move, or anything your heart desires.

In this book, you will learn:

     How to vision board your next big career move

     How to inspire yourself by seeing you

     That you are worthy

This book is for everyone who wants to see themselves as the person they are. You deserve to be your own cheerleader. Grab this book today and start bragging about yourself!


Saying Affirmations Daily Works

20 Daily Affirmations of My Own

I am a firm believer in affirmations. I say them daily.  Some people have different opinions about affirmations. I have heard people say,” You can’t just say something, and it happens.” Well, of course affirmations are not meant to be magic. You first have to believe what you want is already yours. As the Law of Attraction states “you have to be on the right vibration” to receive and saying affirmations helps you to get there. Everything is determined by your beliefs. If you want to understand more about this read As A Man Thinketh by James Allen and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. If you don’t believe what you’re saying or believe you can have what you’re saying, then affirmations will be a waste of time for you. It takes belief for affirmations to work. It takes belief in something you do not see in the physical, but you know it is yours, after all your brain does not know the difference. For example, if y0u want a certain type of car, start to say, “I am grateful and happy to have my new sports car.” Your brain does not know if you are driving a pinto or a sports car, it know what you believe and how you feel about it. If you feel good about it, watch how you will start to see sports cars everywhere. Affirmations are a major a part of the Law of Attraction. When you say affirmations, you are paying attention more and now your actions will align with what you say. Here are 20 affirmations I say daily:

1.       I am successful in all I do.
2. I define my own success.
3. I am healthy and loved.
4. I have peace.
5. I am attracting joy in my life.
6. I have great friends.
7. I can do anything.
8. My life is abundant in all ways.
9. I get what I want.
10. I am a seven-figure writer, coach, consultant, speaker, and teacher. 
11. I am fully equipped and have everything I need to succeed.
12. I lack nothing.
13. I pay it forward daily.
14. I am debt-free.
15. I make wise financial choices.
16. My investments perform well.
17. I am a money magnet.
18. I am a best-selling author.
19. I love cruising five times a year.
20. I love flying first class.

Again, these are just some of mine. Take some time and write affirmations for yourself and repeat them for 30 days. If you don’t see any change—intentional change that is—you can stop.


About the Author: Marla J. Albertie has lived on board a United States carrier therefore, she feels she is unstoppable. As a native of Jacksonville, Florida she loves to read, travel, and shop. Many of her travels have been on cruises as she has taken 16 thus far. Marla believes life is a journey and we all can create the life we want so why not; you only live this life once. She has a passion to see growth in peoples’ lives and wants others to pay it forward. As an energetic visionary, she is the owner and founder of the TruthSpeaksGroup LLC, a multi-media company that creates strategies and solutions for work-life integration/harmony (WLI/H). She is also the founder of MJA Notary Services LLC., MJA Publishing LLC., and JEMA Holdings LLC. and Being the founder of I/O for Teens Inc. is her greatest work yet!

 Marla doesn’t believe in work-life balance as she believes all areas of our lives can be integrated and we can create harmony in our lives by means of I/O Psychology and Positive Psychology methodologies. However, harmony cannot happen if we are not in tune with who we are, therefore The Ultimate Brag Book was born. Marla’s mantra is to #TeachTrainEducate working woman who desire to understand their truth and live a life of success defined on their own terms. Marla's one word philosophy is #Learn. 

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