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The Inspiration Behind the Nurse Florence Series by author Michael Dow


Nurse Florence teaches Jean, Condi, and Sonia about the science of emotions and uses images from the internet on her phone to teach.

Title: Nurse Florence, What Are Emotions?

Author: Michael Dow

Publication Date: September 6, 2023

Pages: 86

Genre: Children's Book

Sometimes it seems only a nurse can bring technical information down to an understanding that an ordinary person can grasp.  The Nurse Florence® book series provides high quality medical information that even a child can grasp.  By introducing young kids to correct terminology and science concepts at an early age, we can help increase our children’s health literacy level as well as help to prepare them for courses and jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  We need more scientists so I hope that many children will enjoy this book series and consider a job involving science.

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The Inspiration Behind the Nurse Florence Series


As to how I got published, I realized I would have very little chance to get traditionally published because I was not famous, do not have a large social media following, nor am I well connected.  Someone once said, “The only way to steer a ship is to move forward.” I don’t know where my project is going to end up, but I realized to get some place, I had to start moving forward so I self-published through Lulu. Lulu is very easy to use and relatively cheap. The ease and price have enabled me to publish a book every 10 days this year. We have over 60 titles in the series now. Nurse Florence is the first of its kind health book series for kids. We believe we will have a societal impact on the health literacy of the world. The books are being translated into multiple languages. Also, coloring books are being created for some of the titles so that kids can learn another healthy coping skill of drawing to help them find peace. The series has won best educational series for kids with the Independent Press Award and the coloring books have won best series with the NYC Big Book Award. Many of the titles have won their own book award. We have many 5-star reviews from professional reviewers as well as individuals. There are over 40 illustrators working on the project. We are helping new illustrators become published illustrators through the series so that they can catch a break and become experienced.  Writing books is a lot of fun and my kids are part of the editorial review process by suggesting changes as needed. My wife helps translate the books into Latin American Spanish. One of my cousins translates them into French. We hope to be a powerhouse in the children’s publishing world one day. Dream big dreams and do something every day to achieve them. Never give up.  

About the Author

Michael is the Founder and Manager of Dow Creative Enterprises, LLC.  His books have garnered the Silver Nautilus Book award in 2020 (Nurse Florence, Help I’m Bleeding) and an Award-Winning Finalist in the Religion category for the 2021 International Book Awards (A Prayer to Our Father in the Heavens: Possibly the Greatest Jewish Prayer of All Time).  Michael believes we will need the best of science and religion to successfully navigate ourselves, our civilization, through the future obstacles we will face. More information can be found at and Nurse Florence® is a federally registered trademark by Dow Creative Enterprises. The Nurse Florence® series seeks to promote science and health among children and to help increase the health literacy levels of our society. With teamwork, inclusion, faith, and perseverance, we can bravely face our problems and help each other reach our better selves as well as our best collective good.

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