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THE SIMPLE LAWS OF LOVE by author Brenda Shoshanna

 The Unshakeable Road to Love (Value Centered Relationships) is based upon Eternal Principles from all world scriptures, including Zen. These tried-and-true Eternal Principles, the Pillars of Love, show how to build foundations for relationships where happiness and well-being are inevitable. And where pain and conflict can dissolve on the spot. A radically different approach to love and psychology, the book offers a completely new perspective on fulfillment and what is truly needed to thrive. For example, one of the Pillars of Love upon which the book is based is: To Be Happy, You Do Not Have to Be Loved, You Have to Learn What It Means to Be Loving. 

The book explores the difference between Real and Counterfeit Love. We discover how all suffering in relationships is due to being caught in the trap of Counterfeit Love. And how easy it is to break free from bondage and leave that trap behind. This is a book of practice, filled with Turning Points, Pillars of Love, Interventions, and many enjoyable exercises so the reader can practice these principles in all their relationships and in their everyday lives. Written by a psychologist, Interfaith Counselor, and long-term Zen practitioner, the book combines the practices and principles of both East and West, helping us to discover and celebrate the best in ourselves and others. Purchase a copy of The Unshakeable Road to Love on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. You can also add this to your GoodReads reading list.


                                                             THE SIMPLE LAWS OF LOVE

There are simple laws of love, which are infallible. Like the laws of gravity these laws cannot fail. They are natural, enjoyable, and easy to follow.  These laws dissolve upset and confusion and bring everything back on track. If you are confused or upset in your relationship, just turn to one of these laws. See what you may be doing in opposition to them. Even if we’re not aware of it, when we live in opposition to these laws, backlash is inevitable, one way off the next. If we jump off a building and ignore gravity, no matter how good our intentions are, we cannot help but be hurt. The same is true of the law of love. It is a pillar of strength to hold onto, to keep us happy, safe, and well. And to cause our relationships to flourish. If you’re having trouble in your relationship, or living in opposition to one of these laws, it’s an easy matter to make a correction. Just realign yourself.  Review the law of love pertaining to your problem. Digest the law, make friends with it, make it the basis of your actions. It is inevitable then that harmony and newfound clarity will prevail. We’ll go over a few of the basic laws here. There are many others waiting. The more you include these laws in your day, the more delighted you will be. Try it and see.

1)      There is never a lack of love. Love is available every moment, everywhere. When there seems to be a lack of love, it is only that you are keeping it away.

This is a beautiful law. Stop and realize you need never be lonely. There is so much love waiting all around you. And it’s also possible to keep it away. Our hearts may be closed. We may be fearful, angry, lost in the past. Or we may see the worst in everyone. Take a few minutes to dwell upon this. Are you attracting love, welcoming it? Are you seeing the value in everyone? Or are you filled with resentment and blame?

  • Love is a choice. Choose to let love into your life.

     If so, turn that around. Give up the blame, open to the beauty and uniqueness of everyone you meet. Love is a choice. Choose to let love into your life.

  • Perception is fatal. As you perceive, so shall you live. Are you a love finder or fault finder?

This law of love is powerful. Choose to see through the eyes of love. When people say there is something wrong with everyone they meet, it is simply because that is the way They are perceiving others. They are looking for what’s wrong. And inevitably, they will then see what is wrong in themselves, as well. When we start looking for what is valuable in others, beauty, warmth, kindness and love are a natural outcome. Not only towards others, but towards yourself as well.

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About the Author

Brenda Shoshanna is an award-winning author, psychologist, Interfaith counselor, and long-term Zen practitioner and speaker. Her work is dedicated to integrating the teachings of East and West and making them real in our everyday lives. Brenda has offered over five hundred talks and workshops on all aspects of personal and spiritual development, relationships, and living an authentic, meaningful life.

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