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Book Spotlight: Precious Burdens by Avery Sterling


When passion and revenge clash, love could unravel a deadly feud in which no one is left standing…

Title: Precious Burdens
Author: Avery Sterling
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Pages: 324
Genre: Historical Romance

Sarafina di Ramonicci sets sail for America as the promised bride in an arranged political marriage. Taken prisoner at sea, she clashes with her captor and demands freedom, only to discover he is planning her future husband’s demise, with her as a pawn in their deadly feud. The challenge of escape tests her loyalty to family, human decency, and love.  

Captain Nye Tarquin is a dangerous man. Left to die on the streets of New Orleans, he swears retribution on the man responsible. When he makes Sarafina part of his plan, he isn’t prepared for the fiery vixen aboard his ship, nor his desire to claim her as his own. When passion overtakes honor, he’s torn between his heart and his need for justice.  

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Precious-Burdens-Avery-Sterling-ebook/dp/B0C8VHNH3V  

Barnes & Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/precious-burdens-avery-sterling/1143685468?ean=2940160809335

Book Excerpt  

A grin formed on his lips. “She belongs to me now,” he said, his voice was as cool as his expression. “And when Cornell comes for her, I’ll be waiting to return the favor… only I’ll succeed, where he did not.” 

   Sarafina’s fingers curled around her goblet. “What makes you think he’ll come for her?” 

   “He has several reasons to take the bait. Cornell will demand satisfaction for his humiliation.” 

   “His humiliation?” She sat up straighter. “What about hers? Do you understand what people will think when they find out she was held hostage here? If her intended is murdered and she’s left stranded, this will leave her utterly alone. What will become of her, then?” 

   “She’ll marry someone better than the likes of Cornell, I hope,” he replied dryly. 

   She slammed her goblet down and flew to her feet. “And who would want her?” 

   He remained seated. “I’m doing her a great service,” he said calmly, leaning on the arm of his chair. “You have no idea the kind of life she would’ve been subjected to.” 

   “So, you're her savior now?” 

   The captain pushed off his chair and straightened to his full height. She kept her glare locked with his but keeping it steady was becoming as difficult as her breathing. “Maybe,” he said. 

   “That’s an absurd notion,” she replied. 

   “Is it?” he asked. He stepped towards her, and she stepped back in unison, until the back of her legs hit the chair.


About the Author

Avery Sterling’s love for the romance genre began in her teen years when she picked up her first novel. She was captivated by the sweeping scale of emotions brought about by the words. The experience catapulted her towards learning the art of having a breathtaking adventure, with a love that felt authentic. Wanting to inspire people with her own thoughts and words, she finished her first novel at sixteen. It was a step towards understanding the essence of what she wished to create. 

Most of her youth was spent traveling, searching for the romance and beauty in her ever-changing world. From the waves that crashed against the rocky shores of Downeast, Maine, to the warm breezes of the Caribbean, she discovered that love was universal, apparent in its grandest and simplest of forms. Her goal is to write novels an audience can relate to, one that conveys the truth and nature of love…with all the steamy romance. 

Website: http://www.avery-sterling.com  

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/averysterling17  

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/avery.sterling.125?eav=AfaEN0SdTOOmVInfsysAoPRLYUanLZ1olr4QWTIjYzwm85tfJ7Ij6rQhS1Qf5oXnK7k&paipv=0&_rdr   

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/Avery.Sterling17

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/19674760.Avery_Sterling   

Bookbub: https://www.bookbub.com/profile/avery-sterling


Dear Reader,

Thank you for choosing Precious Burdens as one of your reads. Nye and Sarafina are dear to me. They face many obstacles, such as passion, danger, duty, and family. The stakes are high, and death is promised, but love is inevitable. 

I was so nervous about publishing this story, it’s one of my first historical romances. I’ve held onto it for a long time. My passion for writing romances started when I was young, but it was something I kept to myself. However, over the years, a strong desire to publish my stories ensued. I wanted to share it with the world. With you.

Nye is a man torn between the values he was raised with, and the life he was forced into. His survival came at a high price… the price of his soul. Or so he believes. Thinking that he isn’t worthy of love and family, he keeps the world at bay. Until allowing Sarafina into his heart becomes inescapable.

Sarafina is a young woman raised by doting parents, who encouraged her to think and speak freely. However, when duty calls upon her family, she's left ill-prepared for the harsh reality of her time, and her station. Sarafina thought she’d choose her husband and marry for love. She believed she’d find a man that appreciated her as a person and respected her ideas. Instead, she became a bargaining chip in a treaty between Malta and Britain.

When Nye intercepts the ship bringing her to New Orleans, these two fiery souls come together with a clash that shatters all their beliefs, all their expectations. Nye and Sarafina’s journey is an emotional one for me to tell, but worth every moment spent. I hope you’ll find their story just as gripping and enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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