Sunday, May 21, 2023

Creating a Book You Love by author Patricia Eckerman Ambas


As a writer you pour your heart into your work. But what happens when you get to the end - all the way to publication - and it’s no longer the book you love? Somewhere along the way it was tweaked until it morphed into a new creation - one that you didn’t even like. I published a book in December that I was not comfortable promoting; I didn’t want to share about it personally or professionally. It took some reflection to figure out what was blocking me from the zeal I had held for it leading up to its release, and looking back, I noted that the children’s book had been postponed so long that by the time everything was set, I just wanted to get the book out. Any misgivings or doubts I had were pushed to the side in order to rush through the release before the new year began. But those doubts didn’t leave, and instead, they grew until I realized that it was the book cover that was not attractive to me and some of the art on the pages left me unimpressed. I found myself discrediting the book cover whenever I met a new reader to let them know that I didn’t like the cover, as if to tell them it was okay if they didn’t either.

 To create the book I actually loved, I needed to make changes. So, while the book was out as a less-than-attractive version, I was at work behind the scenes with a new cover designer. Then came the interior work. Months later I had a book that I loved. It is so easy to share the book that had been in my heart all along, but it just needed some adjustments. This makeover allowed me to finally present the book I had imagined.

 One of the benefits in reflecting on why I didn’t love my book was that I could make changes to the second book in the series to ensure this wouldn’t happen again. When I Can’t Wait to Love You Forever: A Big Sister Book released this month, this time, I was incredibly proud to promote it. If you find yourself no longer in love with your book, it may just be a 'you' thing, but it may also be a universal feeling that needs to be addressed. As much as we want to rush the process, slow it down to compose a book that you love. And don’t be afraid of a little modification; it may just be what makes it rework its way into your heart and into the hands of others.


About the author: Patricia Eckerman Ambas was inspired by her son’s inventive game when she wrote I Can’t Wait to Love You Forever: A Big Brother Book. At the request of readers, she followed it up with the big sister version in the similarly titled book in the series, I Can’t Wait to Love You Forever: A Big Sister Book. Her experience as an educator prompted her to weave in the important aspects of social and emotional learning and positive parenting into the books. Always surrounded by her three young children, you can find Patricia on the lake catching sunrises or at her family business, Manila Resto. Keep in touch by following her on FB and IG at @PatriciaEckermanAmbas or send her an email at 


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Friends! Have you checked out the resources that go along with it? Print out the coloring page for your kiddos at! It's a blast! Enjoy - Patricia Eckerman Ambas