Monday, September 27, 2021

MG Book Review: Ronin Cleans His Room Like a Ninja

When Ronin’s parents go on what is possibly a well-deserved cruise, Uncle Max comes to stay to take care of Ronin, their son. Uncle Max is a pretty cool guy who gets ideas across without nagging or sounding boring. Ronin doesn’t like cleaning his room, putting his things away, eating dinner when he is told to, taking a bath when he doesn’t feel like it, and lots of other annoying stuff. Ronin can’t wait to grow up so people would stop telling him what to do. Ronin decides he is going to become a ninja, but he has no idea what is involved. Uncle Max does, though, and he very cleverly teaches Ronin what a ninja needs to understand and weaves some significant life lessons into the story. This has an incredible impact on Ronin and suddenly everything falls into place.

What a great way to teach kids the basics of life such as responsibility, determination, respect, and maturity using a concept that kids will relate to and enjoy. Ninjas need to know how to conduct themselves properly if they want to be a true ninja. The best way to get a kid to do something is help him want to do it because he enjoys it. Ronin finds that with the ninja concepts firmly in his mind, he cleans his room, does his homework, and makes decisions for the better.

Author Chris Roy understands kids. He presents Ronin Cleans His Room Like a Ninja in short, quick sentences, much like ninja moves I guess, and there is no preaching or pontificating about the right thing to do. The message is cleverly woven into Ronin’s aim to become the best ninja. The book works very well visually with illustrations by artist Lucas Romão. I also liked the page layout with one side being images of Ronin’s eloquent expressions/actions and Uncle Max and the other being the text laid over various images of Ronin’s room. The colour palette will appeal to boys as well with vibrant shades of blue. 

Parents will be delighted to purchase this book for their child who maybe has issues cleaning their room or generally tidying up. Kids will admire Ronin’s aim and hopefully come to realise that “Cleaning like a ninja is fun!” But it’s not just about cleaning up. The book cleverly highlights the important foundation stones of life and how one grows up to be a good, responsible person, and where one learns these lessons. Great fun for all young readers and highly recommended. You can find Chris on Twitter @ChrisRoyCrime. Five stars!


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