Tuesday, October 20, 2020

TV Series Review: Ghosts

When Allison inherits Button House, a great big crumbling pile, from a great-aunt, all she thinks about is doing it up with hubby Mike and living in it. This is a formidable and costly exercise and Mike is useless with money. So, they want to do it up and sell it for a huge pile of cash. That is until she meets with a small accident, hits her head, and becomes the only person who can see the supernatural inhabitants who want the couple gone. High jinks and mayhem ensue in Ghosts.

 Suspend your disbelief and enjoy the squabbling motley crew of ghosts who fight and gang up on each other for want of anything else to do. The episodes are seriously silly, but this is all about ghost so it's all perfectly acceptable. The ghosts are screamingly funny, very stereotyped, but so are most people, so it works. My favorite is Pat the nerdy Scoutmaster who has a sad, bittersweet tale. Let's not forget the amiable and humble ghosts of the plague pit in the basement, the only 'people' who actually know how the antiquated boiler and plumbing work. Good fun. 5/5


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