Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Book Review: Dragons Are Real

Dragons Are Real, written by Valarie Budayr and illustrated by Michael Welply, is a must-have for dragon aficionados the world over. Inside this amazing book is a grand revelation: dragons ARE real. Much maligned over the centuries through myth and legend (and made up stories!), the dragon is not the tyrannical, fire-breathing monster who kidnaps damsels in distress and gobbles them up with mustard and ketchup. No, the true dragon is a humble, gentle friend to all, with amazing qualities that would make anyone want to be his comrade for life.

 They love to laugh, so you can always give them a good tickle, and they particularly enjoy riddles. The author offers a unique riddle inside the book, one that is guaranteed to secure your lifelong friendship with a dragon. They love reading and (contrary to popular opinion held usually by banks and kings in their counting houses) the dragon prefers to hoard books, rather than gold treasure. You see? A very different picture of the dragon begins to emerge. They love to dance and have fun. Masters of disguise, they can become anything you want, for example if you feel like rolling down a lush green hillside, just for fun. The dragon is an amazing and incredible creature and this book reveals the true nature and excellent qualities of dragons.
This is an absolutely beautiful book. I received a pdf copy and would have loved a print copy because the design and illustrations are just outstanding. This is a book for children to keep, to linger over and treasure, not only for the amazing images, but because the detail within each page keeps the reader there. The dragons’ expressions, the fine detail, the very ‘aliveness’ of each illustration had me spellbound. I loved the dragon being a master of disguise, and particularly appreciated the intricacies of the dragon’s study, filled with books, and with a tiny resident mouse also engrossed in a miniature volume.

I cannot praise this book more highly and I feel really privileged to have read it. I wish it could be animated, so as to enjoy these amazing dragons and the beautiful details even more. Congratulations to the author and illustrator for a work of art. I spent time on each page and I’d encourage parents to do the same when reading this with their kids. An excellent message, besides all the lovely ones about the good and noble qualities of dragons, is that reading is something to bring enjoyment; it’s a doorway to a magical world, as this stunning book amply proves.

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