Saturday, October 31, 2015

Book Review: Majelica's Voyage, The Rescue

In Book One, Magelica’s Voyage, Magelica travelled to The Land of Two Suns with her pet dragon, Tris, and met Queen Raya, ruler of the Isle of Dreams. She was able to help Turtle, the turtle upon whose back the island rests, get started swimming again, so that the people could keep a lookout for Prince William who was feared to be lost at sea. In The Rescue (Magelica’s Voyage, Book 2) we catch up with Magelica as she is drifting off to sleep, nice and comfy in her warm bed, with Tris snuggled next to her. However, Prince William is having a terrible time. He and his goldaron, Goldy, are forced to abandon ship when their ship is wrecked on some rocks. They manage to get to the safety of land, but what a horrible, dark and dreary place it is, filled with fog, gloom, and strange noises coming from the forest. How will they be found? Meanwhile Magelica has a dream that convinces her she has to get to Queen Raya right away to help save Prince William. Can Magelica lead the inhabitants of the Isle of Dreams to save their prince? Is her imagination and belief powerful enough to overcome any setbacks?

 Once again, enchanting illustrations form an integral part of the charm of this book series by Louise Courey Nadeau, and are certain to captivate young readers and their parents. Detail and colour make the images come to life and even tell the story on their own. Familiar characters from Book One appear again which will delight young fans. Of course Odin the warblegrif can’t be left out of any action and Wally the Wizard just wants to get his magic working again. The subtle empowering messages of Book One are amplified here, with songs and end notes to encourage young readers to make their lives magical and to enjoy the positive power of laughter. When Magelica truly believes, trusts, and lets go, she is able to do amazing things, and young readers (and adults!) will benefit from these simple truths. The power to achieve whatever we want is within us, and Magelica’s example helps young readers to believe in themselves and go where life takes them. This is a five-star read for the whole family!

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