Tuesday, August 18, 2015

How Much Do You Know About Ancient Egypt?

Readers who've been following my Middle Grade adventure books will know I love including history, geography and archaeology in my books and that requires a huge amount of research. Sadly, one can never put all that information into a story, but the writer needs to know all the facts about a location, a period in history, and sometimes a few famous people of the era if they're going to produce a well researched book.

One of my very first books as a child was Ancient Egypt, a Time Life series book. Can you believe it? From the link you can see it 's still in print! I loved this book; I loved everything I read about ancient Egypt. Maybe that's why it was so easy for me to start writing a book for kids after my trip there with my mom and my two nephews.
Mom, me (behind), "Adam" (green T-shirt), "Justin" (blue T-shirt)

Most people have, at some time or other, either studied ancient Egypt at school, or know stuff because of their own reading interests. Here's a quick quiz to test how much you know about ancient Egypt.

1.      Name the great river that runs through Egypt.

2.      Name the capital of Egypt.

3.      Name the process used to prepare the bodies for death in ancient Egypt.

4.      What is a Sarcophagus?

5.      What is the name of Egyptian writing?

6.      What did the ancient Egyptians write on?

7.      The people who did the writing had a special name or title?

8.      What is the name of the most famous pharaoh?

9.       Can you name one Egyptian god?

10.  What is Egypt most famous for?

11.  Name any three animals you’ll find in Egypt.

12.  What sort of environment will you find in Egypt?

13.  What is a scarab and what does it do?
I'd love to see how many readers get all the answers right so to add a little incentive, I'm giving away a few e-books to those who get all the answers right. You can put your answers in the comments box, or, if you're not keen on that, email me directly at fiona@fionaingram.com - looking forward to hearing from you.
Book 1: The Secret of the Sacred Scarab and Book 2: The Search for the Stone of Excalibur are both available on Amazon and other book sites.

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