Monday, December 29, 2014

Champ's Champion Christmas!

Here’s a special after-Christmas post by my collaborator and co-Pawthor, Champ.
“I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa Paws brought you exactly what you wanted. Here’s me in my Christmas Elf coat, next to the tree, wondering if Santa Paws got my special letter to him…
Isn't our Christmas tree just beautiful?
Yay! Santa Paws brought me just what I wanted! A whole bunch of squeaky balls!!!
Yay! Lucky me!
Don’t forget that there are so many needy animals out there, animals who didn’t have a warm cosy bed or a loving family over Christmas. It’s our duty to spread the word and save as many lonesome or homeless animals as possible. Just a small donation at any animal shelter or rescue will help so much.

If you want to help S.A.F.E. Rescue, the wonderful people that saved me from abuse and illness, please consider buying my book about my journey back to life. Champ: My Story of Survival is available on Amazon and proceeds go to help S.A.F.E. Rescue save as many animals as they can.”

About Champ: Champ is a 7-year-old poodle mix brought back to life from the brink of death by S.A.F.E. Rescue, a no-kill animal shelter in California. He lives happily for now with foster parents and their loving family while he gets completely well. He loves to be loved, and has not let being a celebrity turn his head. His favorite toy is his squeaky ball; and he loves going for walks and being cuddled. Collaborating on this book was the biggest step in his life and he hopes that people will love it to bits and tell the whole world.
Readers and supporters will agree with S.A.F.E. Rescue when they say: "Champ has touched the hearts of so many people and has been an inspiration, if for no other reason than to bring awareness and attention to the plight of abused and neglected pets. They too just want to be loved and cared for and can and will blossom into wonderful companions with unconditional love, despite their past."

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