Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Champ Interviews Pawthor Byron Tinker

Since Champ has become a Pawthor, he is keen to review books by other Pawthors, and also conduct interviews. Champ was so captivated by Byron Tinker's book, Tortoise Soup, that he couldn't wait to interview this amazing tortie. I couldn't wait to share the amazing interaction between these two animals on my blog. I hope you enjoy it. Over to Champ!
Hi Byron and welcome. I just loved your book Tortoise Soup. It was such an incredible adventure that I’m sure readers are as curious as I am about you and your amazing life. If anyone missed my review, here it is.
How did you come to live with Pawthor Nick Holland and has he been very helpful in getting your book written and out there for readers?

Hi Champ! It's a big honour for me to speak to such a famous dog! My human, the Pawthor Nick Holland, read your story to me and it was very moving! He bought me from a tortoise breeder called Brian. Us torties and turtles make great pets, but it's better to get us from specialist tortoise & turtle breeders, because some people try to sell torties that have been snatched from the wild! My mum and dad were from Russia! They were being illegally smuggled into England. The airport people spotted them and passed them onto Brian, who takes really good care of them.
Phew! Your Mum and Dad were lucky they got rescued. What made you decide to write Tortoise Soup?

I love books, but there weren't enough about us tortoises.  People think we are slow, but we can do lots and lots! I decided to write a book myself, though I had to get my pet human to type it all up for me.
This is a secret question – is everything that happened in the book true?

It all happened! Or was it a dream? After all, having adventures in our mind is almost as much fun as having them in real life. Don't tell anyone though, Champ, but it was all true!
I knew it must be all true! Did you feel sick when you were flying with the wild crane, trying to get back to Ruby? I ask this question because in my book, when I had to fly with the pigeons, my stomach kept going round and round.
I did feel sick at first, and it was very cold up there. But I was so excited that I soon forgot how sick I felt.

Byron eating his annual strawberry!
I noticed in your book you had a hard time getting exactly the kind of food you like and are accustomed to eating. So, what’s your very favourite food in the whole world?
Definitely strawberries! But too many would make me feel sick, so I only get two a year. One at Christmas and one on my birthday (July 20th!). It's a very special treat. I also love big yellow dandelion flowers!

Hmm, strawberries? I've never tasted one but they sound interesting. You were very brave during your adventure, even when that Miss Scratbakk nearly got you with the big machine. Truthfully, were you ever so scared you thought you couldn’t go on?
I was! I was so scared I could have put my head in my shell and never come out again. But sometimes you have to hide how scared you are. It doesn't matter how little you are, if you have a big heart then you can achieve big things!

Do you believe in the Anjil for Aminals (that’s who helped save me from abuse)?
I definitely believe in the Anjil for Aminals! I think somebody up there in the sky is looking out for us all. That's why we should all say a prayer for our anipals who need her help.

Has being a world-famous Pawthor changed you in any way? Has it changed your life? Do you feel you still have all four paws on the ground?
I get fan emails from across the world, which I love! But I try not to get too big headed, or I wouldn't fit in my shell any more. I got my picture in the local paper as well, but it wasn't on the front page where I should have been. Oops, my head is getting bigger again!

What’s a typical day for you?
Byron charging around the garden!
I wake up and exercise, up down, up down, twenty times. And then my other eyelid. It's hard work keeping in top shell condition. Then I have a bath in a plastic tub with warm water in it. When I come out my human has put my food out. I gobble it up and then snooze under my sun lamp. While I snooze, I'm thinking up ideas for new books. At midday, my human lets me out of my home (my tortoise table) and I stomp around the house and watch television. Then it's back to snoozing until supper time, lots of nice weeds for me to eat, with a bit of lettuce. If it's summer time, I go outside and charge around the garden – I like that! But I can't stand the cold, so I spend my winters indoors. I love climbing over things, knocking things over and digging in the soil. Maybe I should be a tortoise marine? Then when it gets dark, I go to sleep. Another fun filled day will be waiting in the morning.

Two books in one here!
Now that you’re a Pawthor with two books (Shellebration and Tortoise Soup), what’s next on the writing agenda?
I think I should be the first tortoise in space. I'm planning on stowing away on a rocket and blasting into space with my special human friend Ruby! I want to find out if the moon is made of cheese or lettuce? When I get back, I will write all about it.

If you had One Big Wish that was guaranteed to come true, what would you wish for?
I would wish that all anipals would be happy and healthy, and there would be no more cruelty out there. Because we all have a lot of love to give, and we only want a little love in return.

I totally agree with you, Byron! What’s your message for other aspiring Pawthors out there?
Don't let anyone stop you writing your story! People might try to put you off, but they're just jealous because you can write a book and they can't. Once you've done it, then you'll be a Pawthor for life, and nobody can ever take that away from you. And maybe your book will make people happy, and that's the bestest gift of all!

Thanks so much for sharing details of your life and career with us today. I am sure this will inspire many Pawthors to put paw to paper and get their stories out to eager readers.
Thank you Champ! I loved talking to you, I hope I wasn't too slow!

Not at all! I’m reading Shellebration right now and hope to post a review very soon.

Byron on a dandelion hunt!
For new readers, Byron lives in the United Kingdom which is a long way from where Champ lives in California. His guardian is Nick Holland, who is also a Pawthor. I think he helped Byron with some big words and spelling. You can follow Byron on Twitter @ByronTinker. You can also buy his books on Amazon, and don’t forget to leave a review.

Please share this post and spread Champ's message to stand up against animal abuse, and to teach people to love animals worldwide.


Jambo said...

This was so inspirational, I just loved reading about your journey. Thanks Fiona for hosting Byron and his Pawthor today and for joining in the Kid Lit Blog Hop

Fiona Ingram said...

Thanks for commenting. if you get a chance, read tortoise soup. Your heroine Caramel is very like Ruby Tinker, Byron's heroine.

Renee C. said...

Great interview Champ! I did not know that tortoises like dandelion flowers! You learn something new every day. I'll have to check out Byron's book (since Champ and Fiona loved it so much!) Thanks for sharing in the Kid Lit Blog Hop