Monday, July 1, 2013

Book Review: The Shadow of Atlantis

Ten-year-old twins Joe and Jemima Lancelot get the shock of their lives when their parents disappear without a trace and with no explanation. The only clues are a mysterious old book that had belonged to their father and a piece of jewellery belonging to their mother … something she always wore. The only witness to part of their disappearance is Max, their unusually talented Tonkinese cat. Months pass with no further information, and so the twins begin a new life with their Uncle Richard, a professor of archaeology. Although he hasn’t any kids of his own and isn’t very good at parenting, luckily his wonderful housekeeper, Mrs. Garland, makes the twins feel at home. Uncle Richard said Max (short for Maximus) could stay too, so, apart from deep sadness about their parents, the twins settle into a new routine. Charlie Green, the shy boy next door, soon becomes their best friend.
One rainy day, the twins decide to look at their father’s old book. In an amazing magical moment, they manage to open the book and, accompanied by Charlie and Max, are transported to the lost city of Atlantis. They befriend a kind family but the disaster facing the city soon becomes their problem. The trouble is, only a few people believe their warnings. Can they escape dangerous enemies, save the city, and get back to their own world before it’s too late? And where are their parents?

I loved this story. The kids are all clearly defined, and bring their own thoughts and personalities to this well-paced adventure: Joe always daring and often impetuous; Charlie a little hesitant but getting braver; and Jemima, sensitive and perceptive. Max is a unique character all on his own: wise beyond his years, observant, and alert to any hint of danger. He adds a lovely touch of humour with his cryptic comments. Wonderful descriptions bring the past to life and create a sense of otherworldliness mixed with reality. The story of Atlantis is one of those incredible mysteries that people aren’t quite sure is true or not. I’m a firm believer and I really enjoyed how much authentic detail the author includes in describing the history and legends of Atlantis and its origins. Greek mythology interweaves nicely with the story and makes for easy and interesting learning for young readers. This book is the start of a series that takes Joe and Jemima on new and exciting adventures into the past. Highly recommended. 5 Stars.
Wendy Leighton-Porter has embarked upon a series of 15 time travel adventures Shadows from the Past. The Shadow of Atlantis is the first in what promises to be a magical journey for everyone! Having recently completed number 6, The Shadow of Camelot, Wendy is currently writing the seventh book in the series, The Shadow of the Norman Arrow, featuring William the Conqueror and the Battle of Hastings.
by Fiona Ingram


ccarpinello said...

Hi Fiona and Wendy. I loved this book. I have the 2nd one, The Shadow of the Minotaur, and can't wait to read it.

MTF_Books said...

First, I love the blog! Great work! I'll be back for more! Second, this book totally intrigues is going on my list for certain! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

What a great way for kids to learn about Atlantis and greek mythology

Ang Paris said...

Hi Fiona!
Thanks for linking up on the Kid Lit Blog Hop! Loving your well written review. Happy Monday!
PS - I'm having a giveaway over at my site for a prize pack of 2 autographed children's books, hope you'll enter!

Fiona Ingram said...

I was hooked on the adventure right from the start, Kriss, and will be reviewing further books by Wendy.

Yes, Angela, I'm going to visit your site now.