Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get Your Game Plan Going

Top marketer Dana Lynn Smith has some good advice for writers embarking on their writing goals for 2010 in her Top Three New Year's Resolutions for Writers. If you're still dithering around (a bit like me) without a clear schedule in sight, she has three solid tips to offer (yes, just three) that will help you streamline and organize your writing schedule and ultimate goals.
  • Develop a solid book marketing plan. Don't just do a bit of this and that every now and again. You'll get results when you know what to expect from certain actions.
  • Set weekly and monthly goals for your promotional acitivities. This includes finding time for actual writing. So many writers get sucked into social media updates or marketing that actual writing takes a back seat. You can't be a one-book wonder!
  • Make time every day to promote yourself and your work. This creates consistency and regular online mentions.
To make your task even easier Dana has a fantastic book marketing plan giving you a step-by-step outline of how to proceed. Easy as pie!


Dana Lynn Smith said...

Fiona, thanks so much for sharing my resolutions for writers! For those who are having trouble finding time to squeeze in all their writing and promotional activities, here are some tips


Fiona Ingram said...

Thanks for the extra tips Dana!