Thursday, April 14, 2016

Book Review: Patch Goes to Hong Kong

Patch Goes to Hong Kong is the second adventure that Patch, an intrepid Jack Russell, undertakes. His first adventure took him to London where he solved a mystery using clues given to him all throughout his journey. Patch’s new adventure starts right away when the mailman delivers a package … a wooden chest that Patch must open using the golden key on his collar. Inside he finds a ticket to … Hong Kong! Whoopee! A new adventure. Patch is so excited. What will he discover on this trip? The first of the clues appears while he is on the plane; a bracelet with a Buddha pendant. As Patch is led from one exciting and interesting place to another, he receives more clues from various dogs, taking him along on his journey. Each place he stops at is a famous tourist site, so he learns a bit more about Hong Kong with each stop. At last he reaches his final destination and meets … a very special person. Who can it be?

Patch Goes to Hong Kong by Anjalique Gupta is simply an adorable, five-star book for young readers. First, the cover and illustrations by Alexandra Gold are just superb, vivid, and do justice to the interesting places Patch visits. I loved them and young readers will have much to appreciate when they take their time over each page. The map at the very beginning is a wonderful idea because young readers can trace Patch’s journey as they read, and see where each place is in relation to each other. Maps are also such fun! This book is a great learning experience for young readers because there’s so much for them to investigate once they have read the story, such as the various kinds of dogs Patch meets, and the cultural aspects of Hong Kong such as the market place and the Dragon festival, and different kinds of food. The illustrations are so detailed and incorporate lots of traditional cultural elements as well. This charming tale of adventure and travel also includes subtle messages about family, love, communication, and caring. Just reading about where Patch visits, what he sees and does will inspire young readers to want to pack their suitcases and have an adventure of their own. The good news is that at the very end of the story we get a hint of where Patch might be going next…

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