Saturday, April 2, 2016

Book Review: Antiques and Avarice

Could anything bad possibly happen in a small, pretty town in New Hampshire? Of course not, but then maybe it could. Olivia McKenna, an antiques buyer for her collector clients, inadvertently stumbles upon a murder in an antiques shop, and thereafter becomes a target for someone who might just be the murderer. But why? Olivia hasn’t seen anything that could make a killer worried. Or has she? And what about the poor old man who met his demise, the poor old man who turns out to have had a criminal past… Olivia crosses paths with handsome detective Josh Abrams, who also has a few secrets he’s keeping under wraps. Join Josh and Olivia, and not forgetting Molly, Olivia’s adorable (and clever) Golden Retriever, and Sheyna, the cat Olivia rescued from the scene of the crime, as they try to solve the murder before anyone else gets hurt.

If you like antiques and love a readable, cosy murder mystery, look no further than Antiques and Avarice by author Jane Firebaugh. I found myself drawn into the story, the beautifully described locale, and the characters, both main and secondary. Olivia is a spunky heroine with backbone, not needing a man to take care of her. Josh is a totally swoonworthy hero, the kind of man every woman would love to date: handsome, courteous, considerate, romantic, just delicious. Through appealing details, the author lets the daily activities of her characters unfold, giving the reader a bird’s-eye view of their lives and motivations. The plot is nicely done and the reader does not get tangled up in too many red herrings or false leads. A lot happens and there’s a strong back story of robbery, fraud, and corruption which will surprise readers. I only wish the author had included the recipes for some of the mouth-watering dishes the characters tuck into as the story progresses. I got hungry every time they had a meal!

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