Monday, October 26, 2015

Book Review: Patch Goes to London

Patch goes to London by Anjalique Gupta is the adorable story of a very clever little Jack Russell called Patch, and his adventures in London. He has a very loving mom who absolutely dotes on him. They live in India. On his collar, Patch notices a shiny gold thing, a key, and he wonders what it is for. His mom tells him he’ll find out soon enough when his first birthday arrives. Patch can hardly wait because his first birthday is almost here! His friends give him lovely gifts but Patch is eager to see his birthday surprise. The postman delivers a parcel that has come all the way from the United Kingdom. Inside is a wooden chest and, at his mom’s suggestion, Patch uses the key to open it. Wow! What a surprise. Inside he finds a pet passport (with his name on it!) and an air ticket to London. It’s all a big mystery but by going to London, Patch will be able to piece together the clues as they unfold in an absolutely amazing adventure. Join Patch as he collects clues and finds out some incredible news at the end of his adventure.

This is a truly wonderful book for young readers to either read by themselves or enjoy reading with a parent or grandparent. Patch’s cute character is based on a real dog, owned by the author, and he has been lucky enough to travel the world with his human mom. The illustrations by Alexandra Gold on each page are just enchanting and make the book into a vivid adventure for young readers. I loved all the details on each page, which will definitely get kids and parents looking up more about each famous landmark where Patch receives yet more clues. The canine characters that give Patch each new clue are too cute for words and every dog is a different breed, adding more interest for young readers who love animals. The good news is that this is just the first of Patch’s adventures in globe trotting. I wonder where Patch will go next. At the end of the book, young fans can keep up with Patch on his Facebook page and Instagram, where no doubt he’ll drop hints about his next destination. A really lovely read that kids will return to time and time again.

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