Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Book Review: Majelica's Voyage

Magelica’sVoyage by Louise Courey Nadeau is an enchanting magical fantasy for young readers aged 5-10. Magelica has no knowledge of her parents or where she came from, but the story is that she hatched out of a sapphire coloured egg. Magelica, with her pet dragon Tris, must run home to her Guardian Angel Gri’s cottage when a violent storm breaks. In her headlong rush through the forest, she loses her precious feather necklace. Odin, a strange looking creature called a warblegrif (which looks like a large fuzzy ball!), has found her necklace and come to return it to Magelica. However, he has a special request: Queen Raya, Empress of the Isle of Dreams, desperately needs Magelica’s help! The Isle of Dreams is located on an ancient Turtle’s back, but disaster has struck – the Turtle is not moving and if the Turtle doesn’t move, Queen Raya will not be able to find the missing Prince Will. Odin whisks Magelica and Tris off to the land with two suns, travelling in Magelica’s old bathtub. Can Magelica help Turtle?

What a beautiful story with utterly enchanting and magical illustrations in glowing colours to keep young readers totally captivated. Each moment of the story is depicted in the most imaginative way.  The characters Magelica meets are equally fascinating, from mournful Turtle, to the adorable baby dragon Tris (who hasn’t quite mastered the art of flying) to the eccentric but skilled wizard Wally, to the dignified Queen Raya. Magelica discovers that through believing in herself and using her imagination amazing things are possible.  There are songs and magical moments to draw young readers into Magelica’s adventure, and wonderful empowering messages woven subtly into the dialogue. Young readers will learn through Magelica’s experiences to believe in themselves and their dreams, to use their imaginations, and how to live each day with love. I really enjoyed the little guidance section at the end where young readers are shown how to use their imaginations and open their hearts. This is an excellent way for adults such as parents, grandparents, teachers and caregivers to open up a discussion with kids to explore these ideas further. Also available in French and Spanish, this is a 5 star must-have for personal and school libraries!
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